Kisah Neoprene Sauna Vest

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The Kisah Sauna slimming vest is manufactured from Neoprene material that is tough but soft on the skin. As much as it acts as a compression gear, it acts as a cushion for the skin providing extra comfort during movement. This material is also latex free which limits irritation especially to those who react to it. In the fitness industry, this material has proved to be efficient and effective when it comes to training as it enhances your performance. Because this acts as a sauna, it can withhold the lowest and the highest of temperatures therefore acting as a catalyst to fat burning during exercise routines.

This comes along with recommended ways of ensuring that you reach your goals or objectives in either trying to build muscle or lose fat especially in the mid-lower abdomen/oblique and upper/lower back areas.

Main Features

  • Neoprene material used which is the best for exercise gear in the fitness industry as it is soft but durable withstanding the highest to lowest temperatures, therefore, allows for proper detoxification, expels toxins, and increases well being
  • Acts as a sauna hence burns mid/lower abs, love handles and back fat effectively
  • Comfortable and adjustable with large zipper and waist flap in the front for ease
  • Helps increase your blood circulation therefore boost your metabolism
  • Sauna Vest acts as a catalyst hence making your journey effective and efficient