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About Us

Kisah is a company in Melbourne, Australia that currently offer accessories/garments that promote fitness and well being. We initially begun in 2009 when the owner decided to change their lifestyle and live more healthy. 

Because of the progress that several had, it encouraged her to help many others and this was the beginning. This is the reason why we include a healthier eating plan and workout routine with each product.

Our current products are Waist trainers, Sauna vests and Corsets that each define the body differently as they promote efficiency and effectiveness in their own ways of which we advise. Kisah promotes a healthy way of weight-loss and advises on how this can be maintained that not only includes catalysts such as these products but healthy eating and exercise.

The quality is amazing, I sweat a whole lot on that stair master using this vest. Thank you Kisah 

Nana from Virginia, USA

I love how the material is some what stretchy but strong, this is definitely a need for me in releasing more toxins when I exercise

Kapsy from Melbourne, Australia

I do not know much about training and workouts, therefore I really aprreciate the fact that this Sauna vest came with the "dos and don'ts" pretty much a workout routine and what one must eat and so on. The vest itself is absolutely worth it as it is speeding up my weight loss in my stomach area, I use it all the time!

Anna from Dandenong, Australia

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All purchases include a workout and dietary advise for more efficiency and effectiveness in use of the product. Please look at our size chart to determine which sizes to order.

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